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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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To Horace Mann
Patapan sits to Wootton K to-morrow for his picture. He is to have a triumphal arch at a distance, to signify his Roman birth, and his having barked at thousands of Frenchmen in the very heart of Paris. If you can think of a good Italian motto applicable to any part of his history send it me. If not, he shall have this antique one—for I reckon him a senator of Kome, while Kome survived,—' 0, et prae-sidium et dulce decus meum!' He is writing an Ode on the future campaign of this summer; it is dated from his villa, where he never was, and begins truly in the classic style, 'While you, great Sir,' &c. Adieu !
116.   To HOEACE MANN.
May 4, 1743.
THE King was detained four or five clays at Sheerness; but yesterday we heard that he was got to Helvoetsluys. They talk of an interview between him and his nephew of Prussia—I never knew any advantage result from such conferences. We expect to hear of the French attacking our army, thougli there are accounts of their retiring, which would necessarily produce a peace—I hope so ! I don't like to be at the eve, even of an Agincourfc; that, you know, every Englishman is bound in faith to expect; besides, they say my Lord Stair has in his pocket, from the records of the Tower, the original patent, empowering us always to conquer. I am told that Marshal Noailles1 is as mad as Marshal Stair. Jesus ! twice fifty thousand men trusted to two mad captains, without one Dr. Monro2 over them !
man and hi8 Sister. London, 1684; generally attributed to Mrs. Behn.
M Jolm Wootton, animal painter ; d. 1765.
LBTTBB 116.—l Adrien Maurice (1678-1766), Duo de Noailles, Mard-ohal do Franco. He served in Spain, Germany, nnd Italy, and was at this
time a minister of state, owing to his favour with Louis XV and his mistress, the Duchesse de Ghateau-roux. He was subsequently Ambassador at Madrid. His M&moires, edited by the Abb6 Millot, were published in 1777. 2 Physician of Bedlam. Walpole.